Wedding at Raajkutir

Raajkutir is not just a 33-room boutique hotel, but the extension of a culture that replicates the magnificence of the colonial heritage of Bengal.

The various venues at Raajkutir, spread over 6 acres caters to weddings or related functions of different scale and flavor. This is perhaps the only place which allows one to simultaneously plan mehndi and haldi, sangeet and varmala, cocktail and reception using the expertise of any wedding planner of your choice.


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Raajkutir Venues offer the Ideal Setting to plan the Perfectly Memorable Wedding

The Charming collection

The Swig — The charming collection of decanters adorning the walls of The Swig are at once engaging and endearing. It is the perfect setting to host cocktails or to raise a toast to any occasion.

Rang Durbar — is the ideal venue. The presence of an outdoor and indoor space gives it a unique advantage to create any kind of wedding experience.

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The Edwardian feel

Raajkutir offers beautiful and luxurious rooms for guests adding to the charm of festivity among friends and family during occasions.

Raasmanch — The Edwardian feel of the atrium in Raasmanch offers the perfect balance of feeling nature within a lavish indoor setup.

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charm of festivity

Poolside — The beautiful poolside is an ideal setting for pool parties and smaller functions around the wedding.

RangManch — The Gothic architecture in the indoor banquet space is a perfect setting for sit-down dinners or sangeet or anything one might wish to create.

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Food forms an integral part of any celebration. As such food at Raajkutir is an essentially culinary experience at Raajkutir that meets the richest standards of the food industry. The chefs from best hotels from different parts of the country have brought in their expertise in offering Raajkutir its unique culinary edge.

At Raajkutir, one finds a wonderful mix of global and regional cuisines spiced by the careful selection of chaats sourced form different regions like Benares, Agra and Delhi. The regional delicacies at Raajkutir are perfected through tie-ups with the renowned ‘maharaj’s from local towns and cities. The assortment of desserts created at the hotel offer the perfect garnish to any meal. The hotel is also known to whisk the most exotic drinks and cocktails that cater to all seasons and occasions.

Raajkutir also organizes exclusive sit down dinners around niche concept and themes customised to the demands of an occasion. Raajkutir has the unique ability to offer several difference ambience options to a guest within the expanse of the same property. Each venue at the hotel upholds a distinct element adding to the sensory delight of the property.

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