Veranda of a room in Raajkutir

Experiences: Guest Rituals

  1. Welcoming the guest in the lobby area - Boron with chandan tikka , misti mukh and water in glazed earthen glass . Then offer wet towel for face sponge.
  2. To start the day with morning flute - instrumental classical at the courtyard from 8am to 9 am (as per weather permits).
  3. Assemble at the courtyard in the evening by 5 pm for property tour, storytelling followed by sandha pradeep - lighting of diya in water fountain and all areas after 5 pm.
  4. Evening puja at Tulsithan with dhup and dhuno.
  5. Daily alternate half an hour performance - Baoul song / Dhunochi nach / Local folk dance (as per weather permits)
  6. Traditional Gala Dinner - Bengali Thali at East India Room (This is a package offer).
  7. Turn down service and amenity.
  8. Fond farewell by hotel staff